Hammond Organ Delta Groove: Raphael Wressnig &                   J/T Brunnbauer





Raphael Wressnig, is not your ordinary B-3 organ player. He’s actually one of a kind: a young master of the imposing, large instrument who is expansive in his breadth of expertise. He’s technically fluent in the blues, in jazz, in soul, and in funk. Influenced by royal predecessors like Jimmy Smith, Shirley Scott, Booker T. Jones and Joe Zawinul, Wressnig has taken his music around the world. He has been on the road with Larry Garner, Walter „Wolfman“ Washington, Deitra Farr, Sugar Blue and other great guys of the Blues. He has been nominated for „Best Organ Player“ of the US Downbeat Magazine in 2015, 16 and 17. Raphael has played major festivals in Europe and Asia.


Timo Brunnbauer has been touring for 25 years now. He is known for his heavy slide guitar in the band called Roosevelt Houserockers. He is not the fastest finger around, he leans on the tone as his favourites BB King or Tampa Red did. Timo has been toured and worked with Doug MacLeod, Will Wilde, Paul Lamb or Steve Baker in recent years. His contemporary band is the Michael Fridrik Trio.


Jörg Brunnbauer is the man behind the drums kit. His steady shuffle beat made the Roosevelt Houserockers what they were: a fantastic Chicago Blues Band which toured between 2009 and 2017. Besides his drumming Jörg blows the harp quite well. Like Timo Jörg shared the stage with Paul Lamb, Will Wilde and many other great guys who play the blues. Listen to Jörg's fine duo The Lettners, a guitar-harp thing with the country twang!


Delta Organ Groove is about playing these old songs, paying tribute to the masters of the blues. As an energetic trio Raphael, Jörg and Timo do a great mixture of well and less known songs. You will listen to Tommy Johnson's Catfish Blues, Robert Johnson's Stop Breaking Down or a deep rooted gospel like


mail to: Timo@bluesbuero.at

more about Raphael: www.raphaelwressnig.com

rcorded live JUNE 2017 by Markus Buchmayr at Troadkastn Festival. Mixed by Andreas Luger. Have some Fun!
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